<![CDATA[N - Blog]]>Sun, 03 Feb 2019 10:56:14 +1300Weebly<![CDATA[Cherish you well...]]>Sun, 09 Sep 2018 12:00:00 GMThttp://wellhealthyyou.nz/blog/cherish-you-wellEver feel frazzled, stressed, overwhelmed or at the end or your rope? Life shouldn't be a struggle, but many of us still go through deep valleys on our journey towards something better. To help us move through the challenging times with more grace, it is crucial to learn some keys to developing a resilience mindset. Those of us who choose to follow our passion to make a positive change in the world around us are especially prone to burn-out and over-giving of ourselves. So here are some of what I believe are the keys to building personal resilience:

~ Nourish yourself first (nourishing food, sleep, movement, love) ~
~ Play to your personal strengths & highest values ~
~ Surround yourself with a like-minded tribe ~
~ Be authentically you (you are unique and your purpose is too) ~

~ Value your personal contribution (but don't take yourself too seriously) ~
~ Practice self-compassion and heart-felt acceptance ~
~ Be 'willing' to forgive yourself and let it go ~
~ Allow yourself time to 'switch off' and be still ~
~ Honour your dreams and pursue them with passion ~
~ Let your inner child out to play, laugh and enjoy. Often!!

​When life feels difficult, keep on moving, even just the tiniest step forward! Re-view, re-assess and reset your inner GPS. The storm around you is life transforming itself in order to manifest something even better and it hurts less if we go gracefully with the flow rather than resisting the change. Pray, shout, declare or share what's on your heart, there is power in the spoken word and your passion and dreams are there for reason. So let go of your perceived ideas of what is right, have faith in the outcome, and keep looking for the blessings and rainbows. Remember, the only thing constant is change. ​Strengthen your resilience through flexing the muscles of faith, gratitude, courage and determination. Speak up for what you believe.
"Follow your heart's call, express your unique personality and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly."
Be gentle on yourself, you have come this far, you are awesome! Enhance your well-being by being still and connecting with the well of infinite love, appreciation and compassion found in your heart. Send love to every cell of your body, because it loves you more than anything else in the world. Let go and let your mind be still, all is well. Believe that SOMETHING AMAZING is about to happen, and  keep your eyes and ears open for the little guiding miracles occurring all around. 
​"Say YES to amazing opportunities and the how will unfold along the way."
We have a Facebook Community, a place to share uplifting personal quotes, encouragement, inspiration and heart-felt thoughts. A place to nourish mind, heart and soul, just at the right time when we need it. To surround ourselves with love and a like-minded tribe, to practice greater self-compassion and to love ourselves better.  Click here to join our community...
<![CDATA[Restore, revive and just 'be'...]]>Mon, 16 Jul 2018 04:26:55 GMThttp://wellhealthyyou.nz/blog/restore-revive-and-just-beDo you ever take the time to just stop and 'be'. We are human 'beings'. If you are like me, you need to stop doing all over the place and get out of your own way. Rediscover the centre of who you are, your heart, your soul, your magnificence.

Silence, meditation, gratitude prayers, inspired 
song, fun creativity and connecting with the natural world all help to restore, revive and just 'be you'. This creates an environment where you can hear the gentle calling of your heart and allow your mind and body to heal and rejuvenate. No time, no pressures, no agenda, no expectations.

As you regularly make the time to stop and come back to your centre, the easier it will be to trust your inner-tuition, trust the process and be all that you were destined to be in mind, body and spirit. Your heart calls you to use your gifts and live your purpose, but how you express that is entirely your choosing.

"​The innate intelligence at your heart calls every cell and atom into loving action. "
​"Life is a miracle, we are so blessed and loved so much more than we can ever comprehend."
​Contact me to learn some tools, techniques and lifestyle practices to help you relax, restore and revive your heart, body and mind for healthier function and wellbeing. 

Close your eyes and take three long slow deep 'breaths'....

Live in wonder, gratitude and miracles. x
<![CDATA[A wellness warrior story...]]>Mon, 21 May 2018 00:47:30 GMThttp://wellhealthyyou.nz/blog/my-storyWellness warrior story...
After many years seeking ways to heal my own mind and body of a whole gamut of ailments and symptoms, through books, seminars, training intensives, various healing modalities and then the internet, I eventually decided to give up the corporate work-life and officially went back to school and intentionally forge a new path into the depths of health, nutrition and wellbeing. I love learning about the latest research in health science and I love how the body, mind, heart and spirit works together and influences one another.

I love helping others learn new vitality and health promoting habits, practices, knowledge and skills that helps them thrive better in life, and this act of service actually helps me to thrive better in my own life. Now I spend my time living and sharing my passions, being of useful service, doing what I can with what I have in my hand, allowing my life, work and wisdom to grow and flow. The best health outcomes are possible when I let go of my own expectations and make room for God to move, in every thought, relationship and situation. Letting go of my own limitations and letting the divine hand move in miraculous and mysterious ways.

It is no coincidence  that you have landed on my website and are reading this page. We have been drawn together for a reason or a season, to help each other grow. Lets connect and find out more...
​“Grant me courage to change the things I can, a heart to accept and appreciate the things I cannot,  and the wisdom to seek and know the difference”.
I am in no way perfect and often need reminding to lighten up, choose joy and make room for the healing spirit of God to move and work everything together for good. Life is more than what it seems and every cell, gene, enzyme and hormone in our bodies is allowed to flourish and do its job optimally when bathed in a healing environment of gratitude, joy, praise, love, kindness and forgiveness. Inner wellness and a thriving inner community creates outer health, radiance and resilience. We co-create that inner environment through every thought, action, word and reaction, followed by a cascade of inner chemical responses throughout the body. What we choose to think, say and do to others, we also receive into ourselves, which adds to our inner eco-system. Be mindful of what you are allowing and creating within yourself and within your relationships to people, thoughts and things, as it creates your experience of the world and your future.

On mission, to enable the re-discovery of our fullest potentials in mind, body and spirit. Contact me today to find out how I might serve you...

Shared in love and joy,

Michelle Bishop  xx

Wellness Consultant, Mindd Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Movement Consultant & Nutrition Coach. Supporting optimal healthy ageing, wellbeing, vitality, growth, healing, brain-gut-immuno harmony. Educating, public speaking, writing, researching, consulting and coaching. Promoting optimal health and wellness behaviours and facilitating lasting change and transformation. Holistic lifestyle medicine, individualised functional nutrition, fun movement & “happy heart-happy gut-happy mind” habits.